The School Of the Supernatural

The School Of The Supernatural is a journey into your full inheritance. It is moving from measure to fullness. Jesus never came to birth a “religious system” He came to birth a supernatural culture on the earth called the citizens of the kingdom. God is raising-up a movement of authentic supernatural Christianity. Join the movement…!

Questions That Will Be Answered In This Course...

  • Do you understand the life of the supernatural?
  • Does every miracle begin with a conversation?
  • Can the gospel be properly presented without the supernatural?
  • Do you live for heaven or from heaven?
  • What is the Zoe life?
  • Does your understanding of God reflect your message to people?
  • Is it your biblical right or responsibility to interact with God in living a supernatural lifestyle?
  • What is the purpose of the supernatural presence of God if it has no relevance today?
  • What is the purpose of Christianity if it is just as natural as I am?
  • What is the purpose of salvation if it cannot save me from a sinful death?

What are the answers to these pondering questions?

It’s a waste of life to have the Spirit of the resurrected Christ and have no intention of shaping world history. 

You recreate the world around you… YOU are carriers of another world. 

Romans 12 “Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” 

The renewing of the mind is impossible without a supernatural experience

You know your mind is renewed when the impossible looks logical.

By nature, you’re a transforming person. Transformed people impart transformation power to others. 

It is important that we experience what we believe. 

You will not do what you do not believe. 

 Bible study without Bible experience is pointless. Be Supernatural!  

Apostle Byrd will answer all these questions and more in our School of the Supernatural Course.

 The School of the Supernatural is designed to activate, train, equip and raise up an Apostolic/Prophetic generation that will be able to experience the Supernatural dimension in their lives and in ministry.

Get started today because you are supernatural!

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This course is self-paced so you can go as fast or as slow as you want or even go back and watch it over again until it's 'caught' not just taught.



Jonathan Byrd

In KLA Apostle Byrd, will share and teach you how to understand the nature of the beast. With several courses on Spiritual Kingdom Principles, they are a literal GPS guide that he has learned over 30 years of ministry.  An Apostle, Pastor, Prophet & Teacher he has authored books, traveled internationally training in several nations the Kingdom Principals taught in this academy. His unique style of training will touch the lives of people of every age.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from your instructor Apostle Byrd

  • 2

    Why You Are Supernatural!

  • 3

    SSN Class 1

    • SSN Class 1 Lesson 1 | Elisha

    • SSN Class 1 Lesson 2 | Your Biblical Birthright

    • SSN Class 1 Lesson 3 | Authentic Christianity

    • SSN Class 1 Lesson 4 | Speak To Your Territory

    • SSN Class 1 Lesson 5 | The Renewed Mind

    • SSN Class 1 Lesson 6 | Strongholds

    • SSN Class 1 | Closing Thoughts & Prayer

  • 4

    SSN Class 2

    • SSN Week 2 | Discerning Supernatural Acts

    • SSN Week 2 | Lesson 2 Trusted Stronghold

    • SSN Week 2 | Lesson 3

  • 5

    SSN Class 3

    • SSN Week 3 | Lesson 1 The Supernatural Realm

    • SSN Week 3 | Lesson 2 The Concepts & Precepts of the Supernatural Life

    • SSN Week 3 | Lesson 3 What Is God's Purpose For Miracles?

    • SSN Week 3 | Lesson 4 Being Supernatural Is A Practice

    • SSN Week 3 | Lesson 5 The Supernatural Power of the Gospel

  • 6

    SSN Class 4

    • SSN Week 4 | Lesson 1 Deliverance From Deliverance

    • SSN Week 4 | Lesson 2 Nuggets of Wisdom for Supernatural Living

    • SSN Week 4 | Lesson 3 Designed To Invade The Impossible

    • SSN Week 4 | Lesson 4 A Supernaturally Renewed Mind

    • SSN Week 4 | Lesson 5 The Renewed Mind Part 2

  • 7

    SSN Class 5

    • Eddie James - House of Prayer

    • SSN Week 5 | Lesson 1 - The Fire On The Alter

    • SSN Week 5 | Lesson 2 - Maturity, Maturity, Maturity

    • SSN Week 5 | Lesson 3 - The Christian Life Is Impossible To Live

  • 8

    SSN Class 6

    • SSN Week 6 | Lesson 1 As A Man Thinks In His Heart

    • SSN Week 6 | Lesson 2 Q&A and Nuggets from Apostle

    • SSN Week 6 | Lesson 3

    • SSN Week 6 | Lesson 4

    • SSN Week 6 | Lesson 5

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Why You Are Supernatural Introduction

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Bible study without Bible experience is pointless. Be Supernatural! Be renewed in the spirit of your mind Eph. 4:24, you are carriers of another world.


  • Are there learning materials that come with the course?

    Yes. Attached to each course are downloadable handouts with scripture reference, quizzes and/or other materials.

  • How much time will this take?

    Great question! The course is self-paced. Once you complete one lesson, you can move on to the next. Each module is designed to bring revelation, which becomes impartation and moves you towards application. we suggest as you move through the modules you take notes, pray and see the Holy Spirit for understanding on how to move into your destiny.

  • Are installment payment methods available?

    No, At this time we only offer a one time payment for this course.